Early morning at Crossways

We went out to Crossways Country Kitchen for coffee with friends this morning but I probably spent more time walking around outside on a crisp winters morning than inside.  And when it looked like this outside, how couldn't I?

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Farm gate close to the city

I can't say enough about how fortunate we are in Port Elizabeth to have fantastic open spaces and rural areas right on our doorstep yet still within the Nelson Mandela Bay metropolitan area.  One minute you can be driving through suburbia and the next you are surrounded by small holdings and farms so its nothing strange to find farm gates like this one right outside the city.  This particular one I photographed in Coleen Glen.

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Old McDonald had a farm

Old McDonald had a farm, E, I, E, I, Oand on his farm he had some cows,E, I, E, I, Owith a moo, moo hereand a moo, moo there,here a moo, there a mooeverywhere a moo, moo Have you ever wondered where Old McDonald's farm really is? Well I found it right here in Port Elizabeth on the Old Seaview Road.

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Nanaga (pronounced none – ugh -ah)

Please excuse the hiatus, we have been in East London for a few days visiting family, and both forgot our cables to go online with our cellphones. About 50 km out of PE, on the freeway running eastwards along the coast, you reach a famous intersection, and here you decide whether to take the road North through Cradock, NE through Grahamstown, Or East along the coastal road to Port Alfred and East London. A popular landmark for the last 30…