North End Defense Force Memorial

One of the things I discovered while in North End Cemetery is a Defense Force Memorial remembering soldiers who died in service of their country during the first and second World Wars.  According to the main plaque the memorial stones commemorate soldiers that were buried elsewhere but who's glory won't be forgotten.

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The Jewish Cemetery at North End

One of the things that really interested me when I visited the North End Cemetery the other day was the walled off Jewish Cemetery.  I didn't get to explore it though as the sign by the entrance says, "Code of Conduct. Please note that all visitors to the cemetery must wear appropriate dress. Men and women must cover their heads".  Turned out I didn't even have a cap in my car so I went no further than the door.  I did do…


The history of North End Cemetery

Over the years my interest in cemeteries has taken me to most of the cemeteries around town with the notable exception being the North End Cemetery.  Not because I didn't want to but rather a case of never really being in that part of town with time to go.  A week or two ago I found myself there though in search of information I needed as part of a Geocache multi cache put together by Commaille.  I was really surprised…

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Then and Now – North End coastline

North End Beach back in the days.  A stretch of sand all the way to the Swartkops River which could possible have become one of Port Elizabeth's prime beachfront real estate areas if it didn't fall in the hands of Railways and municipality.  This pictures dates back to 1902 right after the Grate Gale when 21 ships ran aground along North End Beach.Today North End Beach is no more.  The beach and coastline was reclaimed, railway tracks, Settlers Freeway (M4)…

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North End Lake picnic spot

I found myself in North End today, driving on the road adjacent to the North End Lake.  I haven't been here for a while and stopped for a look around before heading off again.  I realised that where I was standing was an angle you don't see that often.  It's always either looking across the lake to the stadium or looking at the lake from the stadium.  So here is an angle from the side of the lake.

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North End view from Parsons Hill

I stopped in Parsons Hill to do a Geocache last week and ended up spending time enjoying the view across North End towards Algoa Bay.  Yes, I always have my camera with me so I can share the view with you.

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North End view across Albany Road

A couple of weeks ago I was in Richmond Hill one Saturday afternoon for a function.  I had a couple of minutes before things started and took a drive over to the old Erica Building.  This is the view across Albany Road towards North End and Algoa Bay.  The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium is just out of view on the left and you can see the Red Tide that was hanging around for a week or so along the coast…

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Stadium view

Last weekend on a Geocaching outing with the KidZ we swung through the Parsons Hill area to pick up a couple of caches and I snapped this photo looking down on North End with the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in the middle and Algoa Bay in the back.  Yes I know it's skew but I uploaded straight from my phone so I didn't get a chance to edit the photo.  Just tilt your head slightly and it will be fine. *wink and smile*  

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Looking down Langenhoven

Some people just know CJ Langenhoven Drive as the road that goes beneath The Bridge Shopping Centre, but its also the road that links Newton Park down towards the Korsten and North End area, becoming Kempstone Road at the bottom by Mercantile Hospital.  A caching expedition over the weekend took us to a church just behind Greenacres and this view along with it.  A view looking down Langenhoven.

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North End view

This is the view looking across North End from Richmond Hill just above Albany Road.  Algoa Bay stretches away along (what used to be) North End beach towards the Swartkops River and Bluewater Bay just out of view in the background.

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