The lake at Mount Pleasant

If you enjoy photographing birds and is looking for a nice urban location around Port Elizabeth to do so then you don't need to look any further than Lovemore Lake at the bottom of Boundary Lane in Mount Pleasant.  Every time I pass there I'm amazed at the amount of different birds around. On Saturday morning I passed there and noticed a number of them including what looked like a Goliath Heron.

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Egyptian Geese family at Lovemore Lake

Where ever there is a dam, lake or other piece of water you are sure to find a family of Egyptian Geese.  Last weekend during our CITO clean up at Lovemore Lake in Mount Pleasant the resident Egyptian Geese couple came to show us their babies, swimming past quite close.With 9 chicks the lake must be a great place to raise so many babies

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Cleaning Lovemore Lake for Mandela Day

Yesterday was Tata Nelson Mandela's 95th birthday.  Five years ago the Nelson Mandela Foundation decided to declare his birthday Mandela Day and asked people to give 67 minutes of their time to help those less fortunate than them.  The 67 minutes represent the 67 years that Mandela spent in his pursuit of freedom for all in South Africa.  Some people spent their 67 minutes helping people while others assisted with animals and in my case, a natural spot.  A little while ago photographer Luc Hosten, who runs…