You light up my life

If you have hung around this blog for any time now, you will have realised that I have a bit of a fascination for capturing the moon with all sorts of unlikely objects in the foreground. We also intermittently do a series on lamp posts around town. I guess this falls into both categories, the light in question is one of the large stadium lights used to illuminate the Westborne Oval (athletics and cycling track) for night events.

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Lamp Posts #3

There is a row of 3 very lovely street lights in the narrow and historic Cora Terrace (which we featured a while ago.) At that time they were a pretty pale blue. They have recently been painted black. In that post I mentioned that the father of the girl after whom the terrace was named was murdered, in the 1800s, and Kate asked for more details. I am still trying to find more about it Kate, but will let you…


Promising start to the week

Well, as is becoming usual, Felicity cat (our bratty but delightful Siamese kitten, who you can meet on our personal blogs) decided it was playtime at 4am, and unceremoniously woke us up. We were therefore up and about by the time the sun put in an appearance, and as it looked pretty spectacular, we leaped in the car and took off down the hill to capture it as it rose over the harbour. Again this is a multi-tasking photo, because…


St Georges Park #4, lamp posts #2

Well this is where two series collide, because Fenix made the excellent suggestion that we feature more of the lamp posts around here, and as it happens, quite a variety is to be found in the Park.For some reason, there are a couple of stunted little ones, bad idea as one has been vandalised. Max stood next to the other to show the height.

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