A ray of light in the mountains

On my last trip to Cape Town I connected from Robertson to Grabouw via  a back road past Villiersdorp.  It was late afternoon and the sun was heading towards the mountain on my right hand side at a speed.  Suddenly it broke through the clouds and a sun ray reached down and touched the mountain side.  I pulled over as quickly as I could to grab a photo.  It looked much better in real life than it did in the…

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Oak leaf dam

I don't do a lot of HDR, but I couldn't help but to play around with it on this photo a bit.  The photo was taken at Spier Wine Estate outside Stellenbosch overlooking the dam by the wine tasting venue. 


Montagu Church

The Dutch Reformed Church in Montagu is one of the towns most prominent buildings and was built in 1862.  A very interesting fact that few people in the town probably know is that the church was originally painted white but after various complaints that the sun reflecting off it was blinding people too much it was painted creamy yellow.  I wanted to try something else with the picture and applied a HDR effect to it.  What do you think?


Flooding in HDR

Even though there is still another month to go till the end of winter we've already had the 3rd wettest winter ever in Port Elizabeth.  Last week we had two days of rain again and this following the flooding we had three weeks ago means that there is a lots of water around.  I drove out to have a look at the Seaview Road just outside the city which is over 1,5 meters under water.  Took this picture to the side of…


Shark Rock Pier in HDR

I've never used the HDR effect on any of my photo.  Some people over use it but making all their pics HDR although it does enhance some pictures beautifully.  My main reason though is because I don't have Photoshop.  Over the weekend I discovered that Picasa does have a HDR effect button (don't know how I missed it before) so I decided to try it out on a picture I took of Shark Rock Pier in Port Elizabeth last week.