The flowers in Mandelakwaland

About two weeks ago I received a mail from regular PE Daily Photo follower Gerhard Burger (and apologies to Gerhard for not replying but my laptop has packed up and I haven't been able to reply to emails from my phone.  At least I've been able to upload the pic from my phone to the blog).  He took this picture in one of the parks in Glendinningvale.  Much cheaper to view flowers in PE like this than to travel to…

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A beautiful sunrise at Pipe

One of the best parts of winter is the fact that the sun comes up later which gives us a much better chance to see a sunrise than in summer.  This morning Elzabe Boshoff was down at Pipe (at Pollok Beach) at sunrise and snapped this breathtaking photo of sunrise.  Wow! What a way to start the day!  Thanks for allowing me to share this photo Elzabe.

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Port Elizabeth Beachfront Sunrise

This morning when I got to work I got a message from a friend who took his mountain bike out for a change again.  He wanted to show off the pic he took with his phone on the beachfront at sunrise this morning and I just had to share it with you.  Perhaps I need to get my b-hind out of bed early one morning and go and take some pics like this myself.

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Pier framed ship

Regular Port Elizabeth Daily Photo follower Gerhard Burger sent me this picture of a ship framed by Shark Rock Pier last week for that day when I am in need of something to post.  Well, today is that day.  I seriously need to get out there with my camera more.  Strangely enough he took this picture on the same mor ning that we walked our sausages down on the beachfront so we could have been standing there next to each…

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Ghostly ghost tour in Port Elizabeth

Over the weekend the local Geocaching community went on a Ghost Walk through Central led by Rose Trehaeven.  The walk was organised by fellow cacher Graham Chrich (better known in caching circles as Plainoldgraham) and he kept those of us who couldn't make it updated via our WhatsApp group with pictures to show us what we were missing.  He took this picture in front of the Grey Institute and as soon as he had posted it one of the other…

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Flashback to the Apple Express

I received this breathtaking picture of the Apple Express crossing over the Van Stadens Railway Bridge, the highest narrow gauge railway bridge in the world, from fellow Geocacher Graham Chrich yesterday.  Graham was in the Van Stadens area for the Rhino Run last weekend and decided to do a couple of Geocaches located in the area.  Looking for info on the gorge he came across a post of mine about the railway bridge and it reminded him of a trip…

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The night wolf is awake

PE Daily Photo regular, Gerhard Burger, sent me this picture yesterday.  It seems he is a bit of a night wolf and his comment in the email: "People don't know what they are missing when they go to sleep before midnight."  Good thing the moon wasn't full otherwise the night wolf would have been running around on all fours down the street it seems. 

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Port Elizabeth sunsets

[youtube=]Port Elizabeth has had a couple of absolutely stunning sunsets this week.  Yesterday local surf blogger MillersLocal posted a time lapse of Wednesday night's sunset taken from her apartment window overlooking the beachfront *seriously jealous*.  I immediately asked if I could post it as this week's Video Friday and she proceeded to also send me pictures of the sunsets earlier this week. Monday (18 May 2015)Tuesday (19 May 2015) Wednesday (19 May 2015)

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Aiming at Queen Mary 2

I was in Cape Town a week or so ago when the Queen Mary 2 visited the Port Elizabeth Harbour.  Man, I would have loved to see her and to take a picture to share with you.  Cue Gerhard Burger.  Gerhard dropped me a mail last night to say that he always enjoy the pictures on PE Daily Photo and to show me this one he took of the Queen Mary from Fort Frederick.  I am posting it for your pleasure with…

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Sunset over Swartkops

I have been so busy at work lately that I have slowly ran out of photos to post which means that I will really have to make a plan in the next week or so to stock up a little.  Even though I'm not quite out yet, I'm featuring one by a guest photographer today.  I spotted this picture of the sun setting over the Swartkops Estuary with the old power station in the background on Johan Gerber's Facebook and immediately…

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