Tramways Building mural

On passing through Lower Valley Road today I decided to sop and have a closer look at the new mural that has been put up at the Tramways Building.  The mural, in black and white, depicts scenes and items linked to the harbour, South End and Central.  Included are lots of harbour cranes, trams, city scapes, the Donkin Reserve with the Great Flag and the Grey Institute, birds, a boat and even the St Peter's Church ruins.

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Freeway graffiti by 3 Blind Mice

If you drive from the city centre up towards Humewood you pass under the freeways before passing the Green Mosque.  A few months ago a brand new art piece appeared on the wall next to the parking area under the freeway.  I've been glancing at it every time I passed but a week or two ago I got a chance to have a closer look.  The piece by 3 Bind Mice depicts a marine theme, very apt for Port Elizabeth…

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Hello Aliens. Are you among us?

Yesterday morning while taking a walk around Kings Beach Park, my eye caught this piece of graffiti at the top of the steps at the water feature.  HELLO ALIENS along with pictures of a rainbow, pegasys, two unicorns and a bunch of butterflies.  Does this mean that there are aliens walking among us or is it a welcome for an imminent arrival?  Or are we just all aliens?

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Baakens Valley graffiti by Joff

Joff's latest piece of graffiti down in the lower Baakens Valley literally has the whole city talking.  It even made television news the other day.  Last week I posted this picture on Instagram and a number of people have shared it via Facebook.  I really hope we'll start to see a lot more of this kind of art around like they have done up on Johannesburg.  It really encourages urban tourism and get people into areas they don't normally go…

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Something Good Graffiti – the alien head

This piece of graffiti in front of Something Good really caught my attention.  Not because of it's size or the colours or artistic techniques, but rather the subject.  Not quite ET, not quite Gollum. Whoevere and whatever he is, he's clearly fascinated by that fishing hook he's holding.

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Something Good Graffiti – Octopus

I had a meeting at Something Good at Pollok Beach the other day and just had to snap a pic of the graffiti on the walls in front of the restaurant.  Graffiti has gone huge in Johannesburg and we have a lot of catching up to do here in PE.  Some people love it while others don't, but love or hate, a piece like this does make you stop and take notice.

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Grafitti Grammar Nazi

You know your language is bad when a Grammar Nazi corrects your graffiti grammar.  I spotted this at the Beer Yard in Richmond Hill last week while on the Hop on Beer Route Tour.

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Don’t forget to turn the water off

Somebody with a great sense of humor and the environment took a permanent marker to a public shower at Kings Beach.  Don't get me wrong, I don't condone illegal graffiti, but I bet he's (she?) a regular walker who has had to turn the tap off after people on more than one occasion.  I really like the "The universe thanks you" written to the side.

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Do more of what makes you happy

I found this piece of graffiti at the Kings Beach Skate Park last weekend.  The first thing that I noticed was that it was done with what looked like pastels and not paint. Interesting.  The main thing though is the message and even though this one is aimed at skateboarders, I think its an universal one.  DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.  A motto I have decided I want to implement more in my own life.  Life is short and…