Township cook

In the townships you get to see many unusual sites. Well, unusual for those of us not used to daily township life. One of those is seeing somebody prepare smileys. A smiley is the head of a sheep. It gets put into the fire to burn off all the hair and skin and then cooked. It is a traditional delicacy in the townships and a very popular dish. This lady was preparing smileys in Njoli Square.


Alternative transport

People from overseas, who visit South Africa for the first time, are often surprised at how Westernised and 1st world our main cities are. But don't despair, around the next corner, you may come across a sight like this and be reminded that you are indeed in Africa! You feel like you have entered a time warp, the pace of life for these guys ambling down the street is so different to that of the motorists behind them, huffing and…


I love Africa #2

Since we are on the subject of our interesting 1st world/3rd world blend, here's another sight we commonly see around here. There are all sorts of controversies surrounding the care of the donkies and the threat to motorists on busy roads, but they do provide a living to enterprising people who would have no other way to survive, and they are certainly are picturesque! Here they are in the upmarket suburb of Walmer.