Empty highway

Some abandoned highway somewhere after the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse?  Nope, the N2 just past Coega, taken from the overpass at just the right time to show an empty road.

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Coega wind turbine

Before all these wind farm that have been going up at Jbay, the Tsitsikamma, Blue Horizon Bay and on the Addo Road there was only one.  The very first wind turbine to be erected in the area was the one close to the N2 in the Coega Industrial Development zone.  One that's still standing all by it's lonesome self.  I took a drive through the IDZ today and decided to snap a pic of it.


Colourful Elegant Grasshopper at Coega

So how high does one jump when you're walking around in the grass looking at the horizon and see movement from the corner of your eye to find about 10 of these colourful Elegant Grasshoppers all around your legs.  In my case pretty high as I did taking some photos with my phone in the Coega area.  Sorry I didn't have my camera to get a better picture though.

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Coega from the sky

Fly to Durban the other day I leaned over the Damselfly who was sitting by the window to snap a pic of the Coega Harbour down below.  Not the best picture but a different angle from what you see passing on the N2  

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Dune coastline aerial

Driving along the N2 from Port Elizabeth to Colchester you pass the Coega harbor and then it's a straight stretch to the Sundays River with not much to see on either side.  Have you ever driven that road and wondered what the coastline between the harbor and Sundays look like? I didn't get to see it up close but I did fly over it (and man was my arms tired - yes, old joke, I know) just after takeoff on our way…

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Coega in the distance

Coega Harbour seen from Bluewater Bay Beach. Notice the two oil rigs currently being worked on in the harbour.

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Coega gantries in the mist

This week's posts are turning into a mini Wells Estate series.  Wells Estate is situated close to the Coega Harbour and standing on the end of the pier you can see the harbour with all its gantries and cranes.  On my visit it was foggy out Coega way and the cranes looked like specters in the mist. 


Coega IDZ aerial

The last of the pictures I snapped returning to Port Elizabeth recently was of the Coega Industrial Development Zone.  The Coega Harbour is visible on the right and Motherwell on the left.

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Coega Harbour aerial

Last weekend I posted aerial pictures of the Colchester dune fields and the Swartkops River area taken on my flight home from Indaba in Durban recently.  I've got two more pictures I took approaching Port Elizabeth which I would like to show.  Today's one is the Coega deep water port.  With the completion of the Coega Harbour Port Elizabeth became the first city in South Africa to have to commercial posts.