Beached citrus

A couple of weeks ago a number of containers full of export oranges fell of a ship in Algoa Bay during a storm and those oranges have now made their way to the beach, washing up along the Wild Side, Schoenmakerskop, Sardinia Bay and, in this case, landing up in a rock pool at Beachview. Unfortunately the time these fruit spent in the ocean means that they aren't good for human consumption anymore and people are discouraged from picking them…

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The road past Beachview

How about a little roadtrip around PE? Start on the beachfront and follow Marine Drive along the Wildside to Schoenmakerskop, around to Sardinia Bay and then onto the Seaview Road to Seaview, Beachview and Maitland (perhaps as far as the Van Stadens Wildflower Reserve), before returning along Kragga Kamma Road to Port Elizabeth. This is what the road past Beachview on the way to Maitland looks like. Views for ages.

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Beachview coastline

A little detour via Beachview on the way back from Jbay today had me driving along the road from Maitland to Seaview for the first time in ages.  Strange how often I used to get out there and how seldom I do these days.  Just had to stop and get a picture of the road along the coast.  Between this stretch and Marine Drive from Schoenies to the beachfront we sure have a few notably scenic coastal drives around the…

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Coastal homes

The suburbs (I've never heard of them being referred to as villages like Schoenmakerskop does) of Seaview and Beachview to the west of Port Elizabeth has some of the most envied coastal views anywhere in the city.