Baakens and Tramways

The Baakens River flowing past the renovated Tramways Building.  The Lower Baakens Valley has become a hub for activities and markets especially since the renovation of this building and the willingness of both private and public sector to invest in the area.

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St Mary’s and St Peter’s

St Mary's Cemetery at the bottom of the Baakens Valley dates back to as early as 1799 when it was a military cemetery.  This changed with the arrival of the 1820 British Settlers and you can still find graves of some of the original Settlers in the grave yard.  On the hill above the cemetery stands the ruins of the St Peter's Church.  The church was built in 1877 and after the people of South End were forcibly removed in…

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Baakens Valley trail view

Yesterday morning I hit the trails in the Baakens Valley just off Alan Drive with Chaos Boy to go and find a few Geocaches I haven't had a chance to do.  It's been a while since I've been on them and just realised again why the area is so popular with trail runners and mountain bikers.  Here Chaos Boy is enjoying the view of the river below at the one spot on the trail.


Yellow and purple in the Baakens Valley

I took a walk along the trails in the Baakens Valley for the first time in ages this morning.  The veld is very brown and grey due to it being winter, the fact that we're going through a drought and the fire that burned through the valley a few months ago.  There are patches of flowers though like these yellow and purple ones I encountered along the way.

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An Aloe overlooking the Baakens Valley

I was out on a recce at lunch time today for this Saturday's Amazing Race I'm organising and ended up looking down the Baakens Valley from the Walmer side.  For those who aren't sure where this is, that is Upper Valley Road leading down towards Bridge Street with the harbour giraffes in the background.

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Looking down on Walmer

In yesterday's post I showed you a photo I took while out on a bit of a Geocaching adventure looking down at Target Kloof.  Today's pic was taken from exactly the same spot but this time looking down on Walmer.  The Baakens Valley leading up towards Dodd's Farm is on the left with the river visible right in the centre of the picture.

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Looking down on Target Kloof

On Saturday morning I went on a little Geocaching expedition at the bottom of Target Kloof.  I had to follow a path to the top of the cliffs overlooking the surrounding suburb and river below and ended up snapping this pic from close to the cache location.  Now I would never have seen this view if it wasn't for the cache.  #justsaying  

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Tramways Building mural

On passing through Lower Valley Road today I decided to sop and have a closer look at the new mural that has been put up at the Tramways Building.  The mural, in black and white, depicts scenes and items linked to the harbour, South End and Central.  Included are lots of harbour cranes, trams, city scapes, the Donkin Reserve with the Great Flag and the Grey Institute, birds, a boat and even the St Peter's Church ruins.

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Richmond Hill Brewing Co

I got to peek into the new Richmond Hill Brewing Co undercover beer yard and brewery in the Baakens Valley the other day.  Unfortunately it was literally just a peek in as I was attending an event next door so I didn't get to try the beers or check out the brewery, but I'm sure this spot is going to become a very popular spot here in the Port Elizabeth.  The recent Craft Brew and Food Fest also took place…

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Chicky’s Yard

Last week I attended the Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism AGM at a spot called Chicky's Yard in the lower Baakens Valley.  Chicky's Yard basically is an events venue but I have a feeling that it's going to evolve into more than just that what with the Richmond Hill Brewing Co right next door and so many new and trendy places opening nearby.  Love the mural on the building in front by Port Elizabeth graffiti artist Joff.

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