Patterns of light

The ubiquitous MacDonald's golden arches create an abstract pattern with the colourful lights reflecting on the railings of the Dolphins Leap Centre at the beachfront. This shot was taken by our son, from the balcony of The Mediterranean, one of our favourite seafood/sushi hangouts!

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hehe, make a rule, then break it…..

Ok. So yesterday I said we try, if posting abstract shots, to avoid things that could have been taken anywhere, and stick to things that are specifically from PE. I lied. Well not entirely, in my defense, the Strelitzia might be a favourite in many places around the world now, but it is indigenous to the Eastern Cape, and has been exported from here to other climates that suit it. (I believe in California they are very popular.) These came…



I love abstract photos, and it is always a dilemma deciding whether they are suitable for the Daily Photo blog. The rule of thumb we usually follow is that, if it could be anywhere on the planet, we put it on the personal blog, but if it is an unusual angle on something that is specifically found in PE we include it here. This wonderful wooden structure is to to found in StGeorges Park, covered in Wisteria.



See what happens when you are sitting in the car, waiting for someone, and getting bored? This is a view of the parking area at Fiveways Spar, reflected in the doors of one of the satellite stores, through the glass balcony panel!



Railway yards and harbours are the source of great photo opportunities. Somehow the rusty objects lying around, and the shadows they cast, can yield wonderful abstract images. This was taken at the harbour.