Table Mountain, my mountain

I love Table Mountain in Cape Town. I have never lived in the Cape, but the mountain feels like my mountain. When I visit the Mother City the first thing I do when I approach is look for the mountain and the last thing I do when leaving is say goodbye to it. Its been a couple of years since my last visit and I got all tingly with excitement when I decided to drive down to Cape Town for the Survivor South Africa auditions last weekend. I would see my mountain again.

The mountain was hiding under its cloud blanket for most of the weekend,
but did show itself for a view across from Blouberg Strand on the Monday morning before I left.

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  1. Funny how some things becomes “ours” hey? Like Kruger Park is “mine”.I always said they should have a Survivor here. I would join and show them how it is done. 🙂

  2. Gaelyn

    Those are Great captures Jonker! I never got to see “your” mountain from these perspectives.Are you planning to sign up as a survivor?

  3. Marcelle

    hey, hey, whats this ~ u know its MY mountain…so what's going on hey, hey…u want to wrestle me for this one…huh…for my mountain I'll wrestle u….

  4. Perry

    The second is a GREAT shot! The clouds give a very eerie and ominous look.SA Survivor? Did you tryout? You get on, I'll watch it!

  5. leilani

    WOW! this planet is just breathtaking! Your picture Fire show me things i have never seen! Thank you!

  6. Friend of HK

    I like your blog and love to know the wildlife in South Africa.