The area between Sedgefield and Wilderness on the Garden Route is known as the lakes district with five lakes found here.  The biggest of these lakes is Swartvlei just to the west of Sedgefield.  Swartvlei is the only one of these lakes that embraces a lake, lagoon and estuary and is clearly divided into a fresh water section in its upper region and a salt water section in the estuarine area where the tides have an influence.  The main Swartvlei lake visible on the left as you drive eastwards on the N2 is a drowned river valley created 16000 – 45000 years ago by the merging of three rivers, the Hôekraal, Wolwe and Karatara.  The waters gradually receded to a lake in the deepest depression and is darkened by the humic forest vegetation through which the rivers flow.

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    I'd like to spend more time in this area.