Supporting the Ironman runners till late

One of the main reasons we wanted to go down and support the runners along Beach Road during Ironman was to cheer on four of our friends taking part.  We parked our camp chairs in front of the McArthur pool complex and settled in for the evening. 

Our friend B had a tough time on the second loop of the bike so she was slightly behind the others but we decided to stick it out till she passed us the last time.  At 10:15 pm the road was starting to get a bit deserted.  Only the last die hard supporters who still had friends and family on the road stuck around while the number of runners declined with every minute.  B came by with a smile on her face and gave us the thumbs up.  Only 6 more kilometers to go till the announcer would tell her, “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!!” which he did.  Well done girl!