Straw People at Affie Plaas

Anybody who has driven along the R60 between Swellendam and Worcester cannot in good faith claim that they haven’t seen the family of straw people next to the road just outside Robertson.  I put it like that cause there is just no way that you can miss the 3 meter high Mr and Mrs Straw with their kids next to the road.  So what are they doing there?  They’re a gimmick to draw attention to the Affie Plaas farm stall.

Affie Plaas is a very popular spot along the road and here you will find anything from home made eats to handmade craft and wines.  This is a wine producing region after all.  There is fresh bread, farm butter, pies, milk tarts, goat’s milk fudge and many other yummy things on sale.  Unfortunately they don’t allow visitors to take photos inside the shop (which you are reminded of by signs on the shelves every two steps) so I can’t really show you any of these goodies. 

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  1. Anonymous

    Love the straw family 🙂 .. and the beautiful rose contrasting with the white church – lovely ! Thanks for all your comments – I've been poor with keeping up with blogs while doing my France ones .. nearly finished and things can get back to normal .. until … Italy !!! in June 🙂 We're heading off tomorrow for the weekend to check out wedding venues with E and B in the Midlands. All reasonably priced venues here are fully booked for the year ! .. and we also have to co-ordinate with Jeanette and her busy weekends. She won't be taking the pics – she's going to enjoy her sister's wedding – someone else is in the pipeline but we have to confirm a venue and date

  2. Nat

    How original! I'll bet there are loads of yummy treats to eat inside… I can just imagine the dried fruits, baked goodies and rusks 🙂

  3. Gaelyn

    I love the farm stalls and that gimmick would certainly get me to stop.

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