Station paintings

The beautiful old Victorian Railway Station in Port Elizabeth has existed on the present location since 1875 when the first line was constructed to Uitenhage about 40 kilometres away.  The original building was designed by the then Resident Engineer of  Harbour and Public Works in Port Elizabeth, James Bisset, with extensive additions, including the cast-iron supported roof of the main concourse, being completed by 1893.  The round painted panels depicting scenes from the city were painted by Bernard Horn in the late 1980’s.

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  1. Kate

    What a delightful decoration; one can get educated while waiting for the train. Very unusual decoration.

  2. Gaelyn

    Nice to add paintings to this marvelous old structure. Looks well maintained.

  3. igitur

    My sister took her wedding pics on those tracks.

  4. Roché Petersen

    I have always been fascinated by these paintings, even as a young boy 20-odd years ago (I'm 29). Perhaps a series, Firefly? That'd be a real treat! To me, these paintings do much to promote the City's architectural heritage as most concern our beautiful old buildings. A real showcase for any visitor to the City in those bygone days of rail travel.

  5. Firefly

    The only problem there is security. They aren't too keen for one to take pictures. This one I took kinda on the go