St Peter’s Greek Orthodox Church

Since taking over PE Daily Photo (which has been over 7 years already), I don’t think I’ve posted a photo of the Greek church in Parsons Hill yet.  Every time I pass it I think I should stop but always either didn’t have my camera or didn’t have time.  This week I passed again and had both some time and my camera.  The church is the St Peter’s Greek Orthodox Church and the well known Hellenic Hall is also part of the complex.  The first Greek Orthodox service in Port Elizabeth was held at St Peter’s Church in South End in 1905 with the current site being purchased in 1956.

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  1. Storm Africa

    Nothing quite like heading down the hill and passing the church on a clear summer's day with the blue sea shining in the background. An image straight from the Med !

  2. Marcel

    Wonderful building. The next time I come to South Africa I will attend a service there.

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