St Peter’s Church ruins

Looking into the ruins of the St Peter’s Church above the St Mary’s Cemetery in South End

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  1. Jenty

    What a beautiful place!

  2. Janet

    Great minds and all that! As I was reading and looking at the photographs I had “wedding” in my mind and was planning my comment. You took the words right out of my mouth!Stunning setting – I love it.

  3. Anonymous

    Me too!! My thought – “Jeanette would love this!!” Beautiful photos – looking through the doorways is my best! I love ruins – took hundreds of photos of ruins of castles in England – had never seen castles before (my first trip) and found them fascinating – imagining the lives of the people etc .. Pleased that they will preserve what’s left of this once-beautiful church – albeit in a glass dome! – Avril

  4. Ann

    Fantastic shots number 2 is absolutely stunning, the perspective is brilliant, and the sky….sigh! we have had the most dreadful weather, low visability and snow everywhere ( I wish I could send it to you …its bloomin’ cold here)…your photographs are a really beautiful bringing a sunshine into my dreary morning :0)

  5. Marcelle

    The 2nd shot is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done – you sure have an eye to capture things…its a beautiful setting for weddings, I wonder if many photographers use it for that..You had another beautiful day in P.E I see from the color of the sky.Here its a very grey and miserable day…and 0 degrees!!

  6. Jeanne

    I’ve seen lots of photos taken by a friend using this as a backdrop for fashion shoots – it’s just beautiful. I *love* your second shot! Hope that when they hermetically seal it in a glass dome, the public will still have access to it??

  7. Diana Studer

    such a beautiful photo, and so full of sadness and history

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