St Georges Park’s first tree

Perhaps the title of the post is a little bit misleading, but “The site of the first tree in St Georges Park which was blown over and isn’t there anymore” would be a little too long.  The first tree to be planted in the park was done so during the official establishment of the park in 1861.  The tree blew over in 2001 with the original inscription then being moved to the municipality’s park division offices in the park.  We went after a couple of Geocaches in the park and stumbled on the plaque next to one of the paths.  The kid in the picture is not Chaos Boy but the son of a friend who joined us and stood reading the inscription when I was taking pictures.

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  1. Jo

    Wow, that is memorable! The little lad reading the plaque drew my eye immediately. It's the “human interest” in the shot! Regarding your comment on birding and photography; by the quality of you photos it seems like you have a very good camera. Then with birding, you can get to know their calls and start “spotting” them as you wander through the bush taking your other photos. Try it and you'll soon be seeing many. In the Eastern Cape you have the most amazing birds, not least, many different sunbirds. Living on the coast you'll have a glut of seabirds too- the African Oystercatcher should always be visible on the beach. Good luck. Greetings. Jo