St Georges Park Pool

The St Georges Park swimming pool has been a favorite with young and old for like forever.  We haven’t been to the pool for ages as we have a small pool at home, but a week or so ago Drama Princess had to practice her swimming for school and we decided to go for an hour or so.  Entrance to the pool is cheap at R8 an adult and R3 a child and the facility was being thoroughly utilized.  Good to see that its in a good shape and not struggling like the Newton Park pool.  Now if the city would just make a plan with Mrs Fugard’s coffee shop in front of the pool and resurrect it in some way to celebrate Athol Fugard’s link to the city and that particular coffee shop through his play Master Harold and the Boys.

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  1. Stefan Jansson

    I had to google the author, looks like he lives in the US these days. The pool looks nice.

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