Spotted Dikkop

The Spotted Dikkop (Burhinus capensis) must be one of my favorite birds. I was surprised to find this pair and their chick (picture below) at the bottom of the Donkin Reserve. The Dikkop is a fairly big bird with a height of 34-43cm. The are normally found in pairs and prefer walking over flying. When they do fly is usually during dusk when they are in search of water. They are also a lot more noisy in the dark than in daylight hours.

The Dikkop is mostly found in dry, open country and is mainly found in the bushveld and savanna. They pair up for life and built their nests on the ground. The nest is lined with small stones and dry plants and is placed under a bush to protect the young from predators. For more information on Dikkop, visit Birds of Eden.

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  1. Great shots Jonker and to get one of the chick to is fantastic. I am not sure everyne will spot it though. 🙂


    Great bird shots, in focus with so little contrast. Doubt I would have even seen them. Thank you.

  3. leilani

    wow!! together for life! I love the eyes fire! great pics!

  4. Marka

    You have a good eye to spot them! Nice photos, too!