Somerset West ghost hill

When I was in primary school we went on a school tour to Cape Town and one of the places we visited was the ghost hill in Somerset West.  I remember how the teacher parked the school bus on the hill, switched it off and let go of the hand brake, making the bus free wheel… UP the hill.  I’ve always wanted to return and on a recent trip to Somerset West I made some enquiries and headed up to the top of Parel Valley Road to where I was told it was.  It took me a couple of stops and tries before I found it but I did.  The road comes up the hill before cresting the top and running slightly down hill from where the car is towards the camera.  Its as if somebody forgot to tell gravity that the hill isn’t going up anymore.

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  1. craniac

    Interesting. I've lived in Strand for 12 years and never knew there was one of these in Somerset West. Will have to go and take a look. I have seen the one known as Electric Brae, near Ayr in Scotland.

  2. Anonymous

    I haven't actually experienced it, but I've driven along that road many times. Used to take my Mum on drives up there and my niece and nephew went to that high school. Kathy (my SIL) told me about the 'ghost' when I first started visiting SWest and she tried to show me, but she couldn't find the right spot on that particular day. I haven't bothered to try it again. Interesting though !

  3. Nat

    My hubby used to live in Somerset West…. this was one the first places he showed me when he took me home to meet his folks 🙂 It is so bizarre!

  4. mike

    Been there many years ago. Most interesting. I've heard people say that we've got one somewhere on the Seaview Road or area as well. I've never been able to find it. Has anyone else heard of it or know where it is?