Smokey sun

With the recent fires around Port Elizabeth there were quite a lot of smoke around (Duh!), which meant nice sunsets and sun shots.

For more excellent shots featuring the sky, visit Skywatch.

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  1. leilani

    WOW look at the points of the sun u caught! STUNNING!

  2. Artlover

    Wow again. I like the rays of the sun. Great!

  3. joo

    Awesome photo!Greetings:)

  4. Avril

    So .. kiddies drawings are correct .. the sun does look like that !!!! Fantastic !

  5. Linnea W

    Amazing colors. Yes, fires do tend to make gorgeous sunsets and sunrises…the one positive effect of them!

  6. LadyFi

    Lovely hazy shot. Sorry to hear about the fires though. And that heron in front of the fire in your previous post is just amazing!

  7. Regina

    Great sky!

  8. Lily Hydrangea

    I love the title, fits perfectly. Beautiful sky as well.

  9. Dimple

    Lovely shot. You framed the sun very well.

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