Silver ocean

We have had a fairly mild winter with lots of summery winters weather over the last few months. Heading down to the Port Elizabeth beachfront a couple of weekends ago it would have been easy to think that you were sucked into some kind of time warp and spewed out in the middle of summer. The beachfront was just about packed. The only reason you knew it was still winter was that there was nobody in the (somewhat cold) water.

There was a cold front on its way and normally when high winds are forecasted the fishing boats sail into the bay to anchor just off shore to ride out the storm. The bright winters sun shining on the slightly choppy water with the boats gently rocking along made for a great photo opportunity.

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  1. Marcelle

    brrrrrrrrrrr but that looks very cold to me….was it??

  2. Gaelyn

    More excellent captures Jonker. Love the boats in the bay. Hang on tight if a storm is coming.

  3. Avril

    Love that silver sparkle on the sea !!!! You are so lucky to live at the sea !!!

  4. You are making me count the days till my leave Jonker. The first pictur reminds me of a scene from my hotel window the last time I was there. I hope you get lots of rain this season.

  5. Janet

    The middle photograph is my favourite. I love the way the sun dances on the waves. And it looks cold! Glad I'm not a fish!!