Shark Rock Pier #1, Grandstand View

It is hard to take a picture of our main beachfront these days without somehow including the Shark Rock Pier, so we thought we might as well feature it in a variety of moods. First up, one day as I was driving past, I spotted a school of dolphins cruising past, and swung into the carpark to photograph them. By the time I got there, the last few were just passing the end of the pier. Can you imagine what a cool view those people on top must have had?!
By the way, we are getting quite a few visits from people who are ex-PE people, living overseas, or people like Kate who have visited here and grown to love it. If there are things you want us to feature to help with the homesickness, let us know and we’ll do our best!

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  1. Old Wom Tigley

    This is a cracking shot… with or without the dolphins

  2. Anonymous

    Hello! I’m one of those “ex-PE people, living overseas”! Found your through “Cooksister” (another “ex-PE people, living overseas”) in the SA Blog Nominations. This is a wonderful blog–I plan to visit daily to check in on “home”. I’d love to see pictures of Settlers’ Park and St George’s and more of the Donkin–are they still as dangerous as we were warned about in July 07? Didn’t stop there, or in Central in general, because of the warnings. Before we left PE,I went to “Old Erica” (1 of your pix), and my family rented a semi-detached at 60 Havelock St. I’ve heard it’s now a brothel. Wow!Anyway–this was a treat to discover. Thanks so much!!Diane in Iowa, USA

  3. b.c.

    wow at first I thought they were sharks!!! that would’ve been great to see but these dolphins are just as cool!

  4. Jenty

    Stunning photo! I love that you got the dolphins in the shot.

  5. Sonia

    What a stunning photo!

  6. The happiest Valentine’s Day to you two!::::::::: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ :::::::::::)

  7. sam

    Diane. Cool to meet you. We’ll do our best to get the Settlers Park and St Georges Park pix for you soon (hehe, will take the old pepper spray along, as we did when we photographed the Donkin recently! All those places have sadly become home to lurking muggers. It is still ok to go there, but you need to be alert, watch your back and have some sort of self defense. I would never go alone to take pix.) Watch this space!Fenix THANKS, same to you too! I was planning to make a roast for Max, but I see we are scheduled for another power outage at that time, so we may just have to eat out, hehe!

  8. sam

    BTW Diane, if you went to Old Erica, you would have been right near our house, we are in the green and white semi on the opposite side of the park, overlooking it. Pop in and say hi next time you visit!

  9. Kate

    Great requests from your viewers and I’m anxious to see more of your photos. This one is truly impressive…not only the size of the structure but the angle at which you snapped it. Great! Is there any other word for it?!

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