Sea Rescue

The National Sea Rescue Institute is for South Africa what the Coast Guard is for the USA. The difference? The NSRI is purely a volunteer organisation. Port Elizabeth is services by Station 6 which is situated in the Port Elizabeth Harbour. I feel the the volunteers of the NSRI are amazing guys and gals. They are divided into crews and each crew is on duty for a week in a month. This means that they are on standby 24 hours a day and will drop anything when the call for help comes through. They also give up their whole weekend during the duty week to man the station and do whatever is needed there as well as essential training.
Here one of the crews are busy with a training session at Bird Rock just off the beachfront with one of the Defence Force helicopters.

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  1. photography.rmb

    You have really good timing!!! This is an awesome capture!! I need to start taking my camera with me more often!! By looks of it, it was early morning??

  2. Shadow

    Great shot!

  3. Mo

    Great action shot. I’d feel in safe hands if this crew were saving me

  4. Jacob


  5. Hilda

    Kudos to the members of the NSRI! Very brave and generous souls, each one of them. And this is a wonderful capture!

  6. Steffi

    Great and interesting shot!Have a nice weekend!

  7. Anonymous

    The NSRI are a fantastic organisation. I have been with the surf rescue guys on a Saturday night when a call came through that there were fishermen overboard in the Swartkops river mouth – they just drop everything and go, even though they might have to fish dead bodies out of the water. Amazing people. Stunning shot too!

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