Rhodes University Clocktower

Rhodes University in Grahamstown was founded in 1904. Rhodes has over 7,000 students, about 3,000 whom live on campus in the various residences while the remaining students (known as oppidans) take residence in diggs or in their own homes in town. When the holidays start the average age of the population of Grahamstown inceases drastically and a hush decends on the town. But without the university the town’s economy would also be just about non-existant.

One of the main entrance points to the campus is the historic Drostdy Gate. It used to lead up to the town’s original Drostdy building which was demolished to make way for the university’s administration block and clocktower.

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  1. Gaelyn

    I remember driving past Grahamstown and thinking it was sort of in the middle of nowhere. Nice shot of the clock tower through the gate.

  2. Somehow I never went to Grahamstown, like Gaelyn I just drove past!! Interesting to see what the university actually looks like. Diane

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