Pyrgomorphid Grasshopper

I can for the life of me not remember what the ranger said this grasshopper’s common name is, but I will put it in when I remember of find out.
The Pyrgomorphid Grasshopper (Family Pyrgomorphidae) is a grasshopper in all the sense of the word as they can fly. Their wings are under developed and their hind legs are designed for jumping. They make no sound and is fairly slow moving.
Their bright colours warn predators that it is poisonous and it produces a foul smelling foam if disturbed. This guy was playing hide and seek with me behind the grass as he kept on bobbing left and right as I tried to get a clear photo of him.

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  1. Janet

    What a “handsome” fella!

  2. Avril

    Oh my .. he’s pretty! ..and the post before is interesting – very pretty flowers! Love the rusty sign posts!

  3. leilani

    those COLORS!!! i am always amazed at how well natures colors work together. Dress a human in those colors and we look like clowns!

  4. Jo

    I love looking at the photos on your blog. You are am amazing (!!!) photographer. (Loved the elephant’s foot..)Who knew a grasshopper could be so beautiful!?

  5. Jo

    I meant “an” amazing… But you knew that. Typo, typo… 🙂

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