The promenade along the Port Elizabeth beachfront starts down at the Kings Beach parking area and runs all the way up to and past the beacon at the bottom of Admiralty Way.  The most popular section is that between the McArthur’s Pool and Polock Beach with lots of people jogging and walking along it, specially in the mornings and late afternoons.

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  1. Gaelyn

    Nice place for a walk, jog or stroll.

  2. Zane

    It seems as though you are doing a series on the beachfront. How about organising some blue water please!Excellent photos of the beachfront – from a different perspective / angle.

  3. Yes, agree with Zane, been some nice pictures recently – not saying that any of the others wern't. Keep up the good work, FireflyVuurvliegie

  4. EG Wow

    Looks like a wonderful place to stroll and take photos. Wish I were there!