Prince Alfred’s Guard Memorial

The Prince Alfred’s Guard Memorial stands in St Georges Park and was erected in 1907 in remembrance to men from the guard that died in four different wars. On each of the four corners of the base of the memorial is a tablet bearing the names of officers and men who fell in the Transkei War, 1877 ; Basutoland War, 1880-1881; Bechuanaland War, 1897; and the Anglo Boer War 1899 – 1902. At the foot of each tablet is a laurel wreath.

On the top of the central pedestal is a life-size figure of a sergeant-major of Prince Alfred’s Guard, in full dress and standing at the “charge” and immediately below him are four lions, each holding a shield.

The Memorial is situated on top of Port Elizabeth’s second oldest water reservoir.

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  1. Ann

    Another great couple of shots, excellent contrast against that beautiful blue sky, wonderfully sharp shots terrific,its amazing how the Brits got around the world, how times have changed, now we have credit crunch, and economic downturn, high gas prices, and inflation rising its all doom and gloom… times have changed. lol

  2. Firefly

    Ann, we have a huge amount of british history in South Africa and specially in our area. In 1820 a group of about 6000 British Settlers landed in Port Elizabeth and settled in the area east of here around Grahamstown. I will do a couple of post about that area over the next couple of days.

  3. Mojo

    Artistic and functional. How very British!Nice shot… love that sky.-Mojo

  4. Perry

    Great photos as usual with great comentary. Interesting to hear and see about the world through the eyes of someone, not the tourist department or a book.Oh, you have been tagged. (See my blog!)

  5. Petrus

    Interesting monument – lots of wars in those days – not much has changed ….

  6. Richie

    What a great looking memorial and obviously very well cared for.Lovely blue sky.Great shot.

  7. Greta

    What happened to the St. Georges Swimming pool in the park right behind this memorial. The famous Athol Fugard’s mother ran the ‘cafe’beside the pool for many years.

  8. Firefly

    Greta, the pool is still there next to the cricket ground. The memorial is on the other side of the kiddies play area. As far as I know the cafe is standing empty.

  9. Anonymous

    On each pillar there’s a huge plantpot, made in several sections and also brought in from England – a few years ago two were stolen! The potters who got the contract to replace them, had quite a job!Louise, PE