Pollok Beach rock pool

Growing up we spent many a Sunday afternoon down at the “the rock” (as we called it) below Something Good.  You know the one I’m referring to.  The one where the water washed through between the rocks and into the little natural tidal pool.  Yes, the one in the picture.  Stopping by there on Sunday I realised that we’ve never really brought our kids to swim here and although it was a glorious summers winter day, I think we may wait till proper summer when the water is a little warmer.

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  1. Gaelyn

    How fun! You've captured it with perfection.

  2. Caroline

    Great action shot. Must be lovely to have such a photogenic model too! Is it my computer or is the Daily City Photo site no more? I cant seem to get on to the site anymore.

  3. Gemma Wiseman

    Terrific action shot! The sea is mighty and needs respect!

  4. Rowan Kelly

    My husband Basil's favourite swimming haunt. in his 1940- 50's daysit was known as the Musketeer Damsent by Ellen van Breda