Pink table cloth

One of the most famous landmarks in South Africa is Table Mountain overlooking the city of Cape Town. Cape Town is situated on the south western end of the continent and South Africa’s most saught after destination. Cape Town is situated about 750km from Port Elizabeth and the area in between is known as the Garden Route. I don’t get to Cape Town nearly enough, but when I was there three weeks ago I got to do some sightseeing with my camera. This pic was taken just before sunset as the clouds started coming over the mountain. The glow of the sun coloured the clouds pink and gave the ideal opportunity for a pic.

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  1. Ann

    Oh my goodness this is simply stunning another terrific shot. Well done.

  2. Perry

    I second that. Great shot! Is everything there so photogenic?

  3. kcblog

    Once again perry beat me to the comments! Awesome!

  4. Petrus

    Love the picture with the pink colours ..Table Mountain must be a great sight to see ..

  5. Julie

    I dream of the day I can visit South Africa!!! This shot of Table Mountain is so lovely!

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