Opening game skies

Last week Wednesday night I went to the opening game of the South Africa 2009 Pro20 cricket series with Hoender (Hoender is my brother and is Afrikaans for chicken. Since primary school his nickname was Hoender because he ran slightly funny. Didn’t stop him from playing first team rugby and cricket as well as being a provincial athlete).

As the sun went down the sky over the historic St Georges Park looked beautiful and I decided to get a couple of pics for Skywatch.

On Monday we had the ultimate Skywatch event which I posted about on Monday evening. We had a partial Solar Eclipse which can be seen here.

For more awesome Skywatch photos from bloggers all over the world, why not make your way over here and have a peek.

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  1. Perry

    Love the first stadium shot! Cricket? That is a foreign sport us we here in the US (for the most part). Did the chicken, er, brother win? 🙂

  2. Steffi

    Very beautiful photos!The skies are very colourful!Happy SWF!

  3. bobbie

    These pictures are really beautiful, as are those of your solar eclipse! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Karin

    Hehe, I love funny nicknames! My uncle’s nickname is Hansbeer – still can’t get behind the reason for that particular name, but I was about 15 before I realised it was not his REAL name, LOL. Beautiful colours in that sky and I love the clouds!

  5. Walker

    Beautiful picture, thanks for posting it.

  6. Teri C

    Such a beautiful soft glow to the sky!

  7. Ann

    That sky is superb…Cricket.. erm!! we have it but, I have no idea of the rules..anyhow, hope you enjoyed the game. Excellent shots :0)

  8. Marc

    Wonderful sky. Hope it didn’t distract you too much from the game 🙂

  9. RuneK

    Beautiful colored sky, cool photo!

  10. Anonymous

    Very cool evening skies and playful clouds, Hoender Boetie. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Suz Broughton

    I love pictures of arenas. They are so majestic. This one is magnificent.

  12. Janet

    What lovely photographs! I can almost feel the excitement of the pending game … …

  13. Babooshka

    The sweep round is impressive and the colours are glorious.

  14. Skies

    A game and the sky watch? What a double treat…This is absolutely beautiful.

  15. Avril

    Very pretty sky! Spur was hectic! Stayed until I knew B had his food in front of him .. gathered C up from playground area (all took about an hour) and then home for a cup of welcoming tea!!!

  16. esnorway

    Good pics and color. have nice SWF weekend

  17. Marcelle

    *giggle* cant imagine you grumpy!!Nope me’s not grumpy…but might get as hubby is home and who knows….;)Beautiful sky…wow nothing like an african sunset to make me homesick.

  18. Catherine

    Wonderful pastel colors from a stadium with stylish curved lines. Love also the floodlight in the sky not completely dark.

  19. soulbrush

    incredible sky. my nickname in petersburg was ‘vetsak’…so ‘hoender’ is nie te sleg nie.

  20. Jeanne

    Stunning skies! And the wide angle shots just remind me how MUCH sky PE has 🙂

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