On a clear day…

This is the spectacular view from our daughter’s bedroom door in Richmond Hill, on one of those lovely crisp days when it has rained, and cleared and everything is crystal clear. In the foreground you can see the fish farm near the harbour, beyond that a ship approaches port, and beyond that St Croix Island floats on a shimmering horizon.
We are actively involved in neighbourhood patrols, spending several hours in the middle of the night each week, trying to take back our neighbourhood from drug dealers, pimps and thieves. On days when we wonder why we put up with the crime around us, we look at views like this and are reminded that it is worth it, and we are encouraged to continue our efforts.

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  1. Anonymous

    its when I see pictures like this that I know why I love South Africa where I spent 8 years in the 50’s and I hope enough people will fight to stop irresponsible politicians to spoil such a countryGaston

  2. babooshka

    Let’s hope it stays unspoilt, it’s a beauty.

  3. Firefly

    The view accross the bay truely is fantastic and you are lucky to have it from Richmond Hill. I hope you win that war against crime in that area. Fight on!

  4. Anonymous

    Fabulous photo. For the past two years my laptop background picture was San Fransisco Bay. It has just been changed to Algoa Bay.Richie

  5. Jeanne

    What a stunning picture – and as you say, proof that Central/Richmond Hill are worth fighting for. Love the subtle colours!

  6. Anonymous

    I love this photogragh. I keep coming back to it, to take in the glorious view and the emotions it evokes. All I can say is…WOW!!!!Richie

  7. sam

    Richie, if you like, send me your e-mail to sueatelgecko.co.za and I’ll e-mail you a higher resolution uncompressed version for you to make a large print.