Nature’s Valley sunset

I love pictures of sunsets. For me its is the best time of the day and if you can find a good spot to take it, it makes for brilliant photos. The following picture I took a little while ago on a camping trip to Nature’s Valley on the Garden Route. The Damselfly started to get annoyed with me for hanging around on the beach for ages waiting for the sun to go down, but the result is one of my favourite sunset pics.

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  1. Ann

    A really beautiful sunset, you can almost hear the waves on the beach, very atmospheric, very good shot, I wish I was there. 🙂

  2. that girl

    thanks for waiting around to capture this sunset. beautiful.

  3. Julie


  4. Karin

    Jip, it is a winner! Absolutely stunning, the colours are fantastic.

  5. Jo

    Okay, that is officially the most beautiful photograph I have ever seen. I feel as if I could step right into and stroll along the beach, and feel the warm water on my feet.

  6. Jenty

    Oh wow, that is just SO beautiful!

  7. Suzi-k

    mmmm definitely worth the wait…. a note to damsel fly…. I know it must be terrible being the spouse of an obsessive photographer, but good art takes time and patience!