National Braai Day

The 24th of September is National Heritage Day in South Africa and all the different cultures like to braai in one way or another.  Somebody latched onto that and National Braai Day was born on the same day.  This morning I joined my fellow Geocachers on a fun day out at the Van Stadens Wildflower Reserve for a Geocaching Amazing Race followed by a braai.  Unfortunately the weather didn’t play along and it rained the whole morning meaning that even though we had a fantastic event most of us were also soaked to the bone.  We decided to head home to a warm bath and a bit of an afternoon nap after the race and had our braai at home.  Happy Heritage and Braai Day. 

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  1. Rochelle

    One of the things that struck me when I saw this photo is how much more health-conscious we have become in Canada! All that meat, and no vegetables??? I know, I know, this is exactly the way we used to braai in SA, but our ways have changed so much in the last 7 years. We bbq'd a lot in the summer (sometimes daily!), but pretty much all the time we would do one meat, a salad and some veggies. It was nice to find new ways to do different types of veggies on the grill (think dill butter new potatoes, bacon-wrapped asparagus and the like).And yes, we still make braai broodtjies, even here in Canada!

  2. Paulo Camacho

    I eat some of them now. I'm from a city and an island with many links to south africa. Many people from here go to your country at many years ago to find a better way to leave. Today my island have evolved and it's very different.I like your photos and blog. I will follow it.If you have some time you can visit my blogfunchaldailyphoto.blogspot.comregards,Paulo Camacho

  3. ben wideman

    Ah, I can smell that wonderful braai smell all the way in California. Thanks for the delicious memories of SA!

  4. Firefly

    I just want to add (for Rochelle sake *wink*) that we did have salad with it. LOL.

  5. Duppie

    Is that an indoor braai.People here in the uk cant believe you have indoor barbies.(Braais).They dont know what they are missing.

  6. Anonymous

    Looks lekker! Are skilpaatjies something new?? I saw them for the first time when I was in PE last month.

  7. Boing

    Yesterday in PE it was a beautiful day, SA won the cricket and the air was full of the smell of braai's – it was very easy to be Proudly South African!!