Mock charge

On a recent visit to Kuzuko Lodge in the greater Addo Elephant National Park we had some amazing sightings.  The afternoon game drive started with a close up sighting of their two male lions before we encountered a herd of elephants in a valley close to the lodge.  The matriarch put up a spectacular mock charge what with flapping ears, stamping of feet and the shaking of a poor little bush.  Unfortunately I didn’t have me camera at the ready and missed the whole performance.  Shortly later we did have this young bull look at us with a bit of attitude and a skew camera angle gave me very much the same effect as if it was the matriarch in the picture. 

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  1. Nat

    Wow! Great action shot of the young bull… at least you got to experience the mock charge before that, even if you didn't capture it 🙂

  2. And here I am telling everyone how peaceful I found the Addo elephants compared to those here In Kruger National Park. 🙂