Barrelling along the N10 between Port Elizabeth and Cradock, most people don’t even notice the little historic one horse Karoo town of Middleton. Situated about 20 km before reaching Cookhouse, Middleton is a charming little village steeped in history dating back to 1879. The village is situated next to the Great Fish River and includes the Middleton Manor hotel, a restaurant, pub, general dealer, bottle store, post office and camping site.

What makes the village unique is that its privately owned. It was bought by the Noupoort Christian Care Centre (NCCC) some years ago. NCCC is a drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation centre. They place those who have rehabilitated and those still rehabilitating in Middleton as part of their second fase of rehabilitation. The residents are entrusted with everything from finances, to purchasing, stock taking, cashing up and the general running of the projects available. This trust given to those rehabilitating builds self confidence, self esteem and a sense of achievement which is paramount in completing recovery.
From the road passing motorists can’t see much of the village other than the bright pink farm stall and the historic little Methodist church, which I will post about tomorrow. So if you do slow down on your way to the coast, do pull over and go have a look at this extraordinary little village.

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  1. Gaelyn

    I do remember whizzing past Middleton. Next time I'll have to stop and look around. I love the idea!

  2. Marcelle

    *giggles* LOTS OF THEMCould they have painted that building any pinker….??????????????

  3. Marka

    O think if I saw a barn painted that shade of pink, I'd stop by to at least get a photo of it! Looking forward to seeing the church!

  4. The problem is we are always in such a hurry to reach our destination, we never stop at these lovely little places along the way. I am pleased you are showing them to us Jonker.

  5. This little town seems to be very..eh…well pinkish. I love stopping off in Karoo villages when driving down to the Cape. They do have a charm of their own and I just love the people inhabiting them… also with a charm of their own.