Ever heard of a place called Melon? No? Well, the other day I discovered such a place. Melon is a siding on the narrow gauge line between the Gamtoos Valley and the Langkloof. Its basically a farming area and Melon itself is nothing more than two small buildings next to the railway line, a general dealer and two houses.

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    superb composition and colour, really admire this one.

  2. Marcelle

    Never heard of the town called Melon…but sure sounds beautiful * giggle *Stunning photo…

  3. Dot

    Beautiful mix of color, composition and perspective…and an interesting place. Doesn't it make you wonder why someone would go to the trouble to formally name a tiny place like that? Hmmmmm….

  4. Marka

    An excellent composition combined with a unique name makes for an neat photo.

  5. mike barwood

    beautiful work and yes – your blog is becoming addictave….