Manganese ore dumps

One of the major eyesores and talking points along the Port Elizabeth beachfront is the Manganese ore terminal between Kings Beach and the Port Elizabeth Harbour.  Not just does it look ugly, but the dust of the ore gets blown over the Humewood area when the wind blows from the north east.  There are hopes that the ore terminal along with the tank farm next to it will be moved to the Coega Industrial Port.  The manganese gets mined in the Northern Cape and transported by train to Port Elizabeth from where it gets exported.  The bulk facility storage bins on the harbour has a capacity of 350,000 tonnes of manganese ore.

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  1. Steffe

    Really not something you would like to see at the beach.

  2. Gaelyn

    Definitely an eyesore, but I'd be more worried about the dust and health issues.

  3. Seamus

    Looks like something that should have been part of Pleasure Land! Terrible place for this to be located.

  4. Zane

    Something to do at the beachfront -watch the big monster take chunks out of the black mound of earth.I agree – time for the ore dumps etc to move. The people in Humewood end up with this black soot on the cars and houses. Almost as bad as the London underground!