Liberation Struggle Heritage Tour – Nelson Mandela Bay

Township tours are very popular with international tourist visiting our beautiful city but its not really something many locals go on.  I’ve had the opportunity to explore the townships on a few occations in the past and with a variety of guides and I have to say that it is something every South African should do at least once.  Especially white South Africans.  One of the local guides offering township tours is Sithembiso Geoff Foster of Ezethu Tours.  Sithembiso grew up and worked in the townships all his life and will give first hand information of what goes on there.  One of his tours is the Liberation Struggle Heritage Tour which covers a lot of the sites and important events took place in Port Elizabeth in the early years as well as in the build up to South Africa’s democracy.  Today’s video is one I found that was shot during one of his tours.