My personal favorite of the Big 5 is the leopard. Quick but silent, strong but stealthy, the perfect killing machine. If it is leopards you want to see the best place to go would be up north towards Kruger Park. The leopards in the Eastern Cape is smaller and shyer than their northern cousins and are rarely seen in our game reserves. One or two of the game reserves may turn up a leopard sighting every now and then, with Shamwari Private Game Reserve probably the most successful. This picture was taken of a leopard in an enclosure at Pumba Private Game Reserve which is being rehabilitated to go back into the wild.

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  1. Jeanette

    Oh beautiful capture!! That’s such a gorgeous shot!

  2. leilani

    OH !!!!!!!!!! he looks like a big house cat laying there like that !!! wonderful pic !!!

  3. Janet

    Do you know that I have NEVER, EVER seen a leopard in the wild! And we have been to the bush MANY times! This is a stunning picture!

  4. Karin

    That is a brilliant shot! How lucky are you to have been able to not only spot a leopard, but get such a clear shot of it as well! Love how green the surroundings are.

  5. Avril

    Fantastic! What a beautiful photo! A beautiful animal set against a green background and sitting just perfectly poised just for you to get the perfect picture.

  6. Emm

    That is an absolutely exquisite photo!

  7. Gaelyn

    Wow Jonker, that's an excellent capture. Looks like the same pose I saw in Kruger, except my photos were pretty blurry. Enjoy your road trip. I sure am.

  8. Hilda

    Handsome! I love how you caught him with his hind legs hanging down — just like a (big and dangerous!) kitty cat. 🙂