King Protea

Today is the 1st of September which means it SPRING DAY. YAY! Winter is over (even if its only on paper) and everybody is looking forward to summer. To celebrate the coming of spring I am posting a pic of the King Protea which is South Africa’s national flower. And to make it relevant to Port Elizabeth, the picture was taken in the Van Staadens Wildflower Reserve. The reserve is about 25 minutes from town and a excellent spot to go and see proteas as well as other Fynbos species as well as a wide variety of birds associated with that type of vegetation.

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  1. Perry

    That looks like one monster huge flower! Cool!!

  2. Jenty

    Very pretty, I love proteas!

  3. Julie

    What a beautiful flower…the Protea!

  4. MyVintageCameras

    Wow….how big is this one? I didn't know that this was your national flower. I first encountered them when I lived in California. Basically anything from South Africa or Australia will grow there also.Happy Spring….we were beginning to feel Fall coming on here, until today when its 90F.

  5. TOG

    That's theme day material if I ever saw one. I hope you edit the page and add the theme page link.Just add: Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

  6. Anne

    Gorgeous. I would like to paint that. They had some proteas at Trader Joe's in Minneapolis not so long ago and I so excited I bought 3 bunches to have around my house – no King proteas though. Your pictures get me excited about going home but then I read the papers and my enthusiasm is dampened…..Keep the lovely images coming!Anne

  7. Tami

    What a lovely KING sized flower….love how the light makes the flower look velvety!

  8. Gaelyn

    It's breathtaking. Looks like it should be floating on a peaceful lake.

  9. Marka

    A gorgeous flower!

  10. Janet

    They're huge! We have bowls of them at our reception this week and they are beautiful, although not my favourite!

  11. leilani

    That is stunning!

  12. Gaelyn

    A gorgeous flower to represent ZA.

  13. This is one flower which really deserves its name Jonker. It is stunning and gorgeous.

  14. Marka

    I like the shades of pink.

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