Karoo road works stop-go scenery

Some people absolutely hate stop-goes at road works.  I used to be one of those but recently have changed my whole outlook on them.  I make a point of it to get out the car at each one to stretch my legs and to take in the surroundings.  Even chat to the driver of the car in front or behind me.  A week or two ago I drove up to Johannesburg for the Getaway Show and encountered road works on the way up just north of Middleburg and on the way back just south of Cradock. 

My stop outside Middelburg was early morning on a grey cool day in the Karoo.  While the cars were passing from the front I was taking photos of the silhouetted Karoo koppies with a farm fence in the foreground.  Spot the windpomp on the left?

The drive back had me encounter a spot of rain.  Something that is always welcomed in the Karoo.  The road works on the N10 has been going for a little while now and they are progressing quite nicely.  The rain was brought on by a cold front and I loved seeing the mist on the mountains next to the road.  Other drivers standing at the stop go usually look at me curiously when I pull my camera out at spots like this while everybody else is sitting in their car being agitated.  I hope them seeing me take photos make them notice the surroundings a bit more as well.

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  1. Roxanne Reid

    Cool idea, Jonker. Maybe I'll try it sometime instead of blowing smoke out my ears!

  2. TAZZdiscovers

    This is a good idea Jonker and one can also stretch ones legs to take a brake from driving

  3. TAZZdiscovers

    lol We will take a photo of the smoke coming out of your ears Roxanne