Jozi Zoo

On our recent trip up to Gauteng we stayed with friends in Johannesburg for a couple of days.  The Sunday we was a stunning day and our friends suggested that we go to the Johannesburg Zoo for a picnic.  I have had an opportunity to visit Jozi Zoo on a previous visit, but my family has never been there and even though I personally prefer game reserves over zoos, I though the kids would really enjoy it.  Plus any trip with a photo opportunity is a trip worth doing.
The Johannesburg Zoo was established in 1904 and is situated surprisingly close to the city centre.  As you walk up to the top section of the zoo, the Johannesburg skyline is visible in the background and you realise that you’re not out in the countryside somewhere but right in the heart of the biggest city in South Africa. 
I was very disappointed with the Rugrats’ reaction to all the animals.  They showed very little interest and there was no “ooooo’s” and “aaaaa’s” at the lions or elephants or much else for that matter.  Perhaps they have the “want to see it in the wild” blood that runs through my veins.  They much rather wanted to run around and play.  Once or twice they did stop long enough to admire something.  In the picture above the Damselfly is pointing out a baby white handed Gibon to them.

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  1. Kelly

    Hey, Thanks for stopping in a checking out my blog! It is always great to shoot at McDowell Creek in the late summer/fall. We always seem to find some great shots there. Most of the shots were 2 to 6 second long exposure on tripod and with a polarizing filter. It was a lot of fun and shot about 120 frames in 4 to 5 hours. There is still a lot of land at McDowell park/creek that we have not seen or shot so there is always a surprise next time we go.Thanks for stopping in and leaving comments! Take care.

  2. Marka

    Did they have fun, though? That's the question. And if they did, then it would seem to me to have been worth it.Kinda neat seeing the skyline through the trees.Cheers!