Jetty Street

People arriving in Port Elizabeth by ship in the old days disembarked at the old jetty and had to travel up Jetty Street into the town.  The statue of Queen Victoria was positioned in front of the Public Library to look down Jetty Street and welcome visitors to the town.  In the 1970’s when the Settlers Freeway was constructed it literally cut the harbour off from the town centre area and Jetty Street was closed up when the bus station was built. The municipality is currently busy with a project developing a precinct between Strand Street and the Donkin Reserve which will include several art pieces.  Part of the project was opening up a section of the covered area above the old Jetty Street and building steps up to Market Square and although Jetty Street as such would never exist again, it will always be remembered as such.

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  1. Caroline

    This looks very modern – they are doing this kind of thing in Melbourne Australia and really rejuvenating bits of the city. But being Oz – on a much grander scale.

  2. Gauteng

    Stunning my friend, I have posted this on SSC and I hope you don't mind.