It’s Official….Summer is here!

Every year, on the Public Holiday we have in South Africa on 16th December, the City Council throws a party on the beachfront, complete with firework display. It is the official “Opening of the Season” to celebrate summer and welcome holiday visitors to our city. For the past 30 years that we have lived here, we have studiously avoided it, because of the crowds, parking and traffic issues etc. We sometimes went to high viewpoints and saw a bit of sparkle in the distance but that was it.
Well this year, we decided it was our civic duty to go and record the event for you (LOL). And it was GREAT! We even enjoyed the crowds, the vibe, the kiddies oooh and aaaahs, and of course the wonderful fireworks. So guess where we will be on 16th December next year? For more pix, go to the MaX Files.

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  1. HoodPhotography

    Fireworks are pretty hard to take a picture of, but you have done a great job!

  2. b.c.

    Thanks for taking us to see it! Fantastic photo!!!

  3. Kate

    This is a great example of what blogging does for us…we see things and attempt things that normally we wouldn’t do. Great shot!

  4. Suzi-k

    it was great, and Kate, it is so true, with blogging and seeing yor town through fresh eyes you do tend to go where you normally wouldn’t, it is so refreshing!