In the wake …

Everybody (well I hope everybody) knows that South Africa will be hosting the FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2010. In the 4 years preceding the World Cup, the host country hosts SoccerEx. It is an exhibition covering every aspect of soccer. SoccerEx is being hosted in Sandton, Johannesburg from Monday 24 November 2008 – Wednesday 26 November. The organisation I work for is an sharing exhibitor at this year’s SoccerEx and our CEO was supposed to go. Late on Friday afternoon he found out that there will be something requiring his attention early in the week and the responsibility of representing our organisation fell on my shoulders. IN THE WAKE (excuse the pun) of this I won’t be able to do posts for the next two or three days, but I will definitively be back on Thursday. The wake above was taken behind the Sundays River Ferry while on the way to the Colchester dunes.

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  1. Ann

    I confess I know nothing about football/soccer, but if England play I have to do my patriotic duty, and so I will watch it on TV. No doubt if England plays, the notorious WAGS will accompany the players…..Good luck with that..hahaha…love the wake of that boat, the weather looks grand there, lucky you. Enjoy your SoccerEx. :0)

  2. Liz Bissell

    Hmmm…I didn’t know that. Gorgeous photos as usual!

  3. Jo

    I’m playing blogging catch up today, and I see I have missed a lot of fabulous posts here. I love seeing photographs of South Africa.I don’t know anything about soccer, but today in Canada was the equivalent of the football Super Bowl (Grey Cup). It’s always Western Canada versus Eastern Canada, and today Western Canada (Calgary Stampeders) won.Enjoy your trip!

  4. callyjean

    Awesome pics as usual … Will be missing you in cyber-space!

  5. Karin

    Aah, that picture really makes me long for home! I was raised in East London and spent most of my holidays in Kenton-on-Sea, many of those hours on my grandfather’s boat. I really miss those days. Enjoy Joburg!

  6. Faye Pekas

    I’ll look forward to the photo from your trip. Have fun while you’re gone.

  7. Firefly

    Ann – England will probably make it, which is good for us. They have a lot of followers which means lots of pounds being spent. You will see a lot of South Africa on tv in the run-up and during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.Liz – Do you mean you didn’t know the World Cup will be in South Africa? You will start to hear it more and more as the event comes nearer.Jo – See, I’m trying to follow your example of replying on all comments. I just tend to be too lazy to do it all the time. I will try my best though.Callyjean – Iiiiiiiii’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccckkkk…Karin – We are actually going to Cannon Rocks close to Kenton for a week over New Year. Pics will be posted.Faye – Didn’t have much time for pics. I did get some of Nelson Mandela Square which I just posted.