I’mmmmm baaaaack

When I started blogging in 2008 I didn’t do it because I wanted to be a blogger.  I did it because I enjoyed traveling (even if it was just around my own city) and taking photos, and wanted to share everything I got to see with others.  Over the years I’ve done over 3000 posts on Port Elizabeth Daily Photo and close to 1800 on Firefly the Travel Guy, shared pictures and information of many places and things, discovered so much more than I ever realised I would, made numerous friends and followers, built up a brand and changed my blogging style yet kept to being myself.  There have also been struggles blogging burnout turned out to be the biggest one of them.  
This year has been a busy one both personally and at work and I started running out of pictures, especially for the Port Elizabeth Daily Photo blog.  I felt pressured by myself to keep producing posts and started to lose my blogging mojo.  One morning I got up and felt like I just lost interest.  After chatting to a good friend about it his advise to just make a clean break and take some time off.  Which I did.  It’s been 6 weeks and the main thing I have realised is that I should dictate to my blog and not allow the blog and other people to dictate to me.  So here I am and I’m back, but under my own terms without making myself feel guilty if I don’t blog every day.  I know this blog is called PE Daily Photo, but rather than change the brand I decided to keep it as is for now, even if I only end up doing four or five posts a week depending on how much material I have.
Before I end off I just want to thank those people who emailed and messaged me to find out why I suddenly stopped posting and if anything was wrong.  I really appreciate your support and I’m really sorry if your daily Friendly City fix suddenly disappeared.  I am back again and I hope you continue to enjoy everything I share with you.  
My comeback picture is a selfie reflection taken on the observation level of the newly refurbed Campanile looking through the see-through trapdoor at the bells above. Lots of Campanile photos and info to come in the next few weeks.
Love you all!

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  1. Grant

    I enjoy your blog. I am glad you do it.

  2. Diana Studer

    Good to see you here – and with a photo that holds my attention.

  3. Sarah Dirsuwei

    Welcome back Jonker! I did one month of a photo per day and the pressure was intense. A photo per day all the time is sure to take the fun out of blogging. I agree with your new way – share your amazing photos with us when you have them, could be every day or just once a week – it's still a PE Daily Photo and we will love it just as much.

  4. William Kendall

    Good to see you back!I have no shortage of photo ops here, especially this year, but there are times in the winter when I need to scramble to fill in some posts.

  5. Gaelyn

    I also started out posting daily and now can't understand how I did it. Lots of work, and fun most times too. Slowing down, backing off, taking a break, it's all good. Great shot!

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